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Woodburner and multi-fuel stove installations require servicing, maintenance and safety inspections just like any other heating appliance. Many people wrongly assume that because they are used for secondary heating they don’t require an annual service.

An enormous amount of heat is produced inside the stove which can crack firebricks and even warp throat plates. Soot and particles can build up within the stove and cause a narrow passage for the exhaust of gases. Rope string used for door and spigot seals also need regular inspecting and possible replacement  The stove pipe and liner can also become narrow or even blocked if not swept regularly. Many cowls have a mesh to prevent birds entering the chimney which must be cleaned to prevent the build-up of soot and unburned particles.

Burning wood and Biomass fuels have the potential to produce (CO) Carbon Monoxide an extremely deadly gas that causes several unintentional deaths each year. 

Another risk from a lack of servicing is build up of particulates and creosote in the liner/flue. Creosote is essentially wood tar that bakes to the walls of the liner or flue that can ignite developing into a roaring chimney fire which can be very difficult to extinguish. A chimney fire is potentially dangerous and can cause a lot of damage and mess.

All these risks can be avoided with regular maintenance.

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