Septic Tank Emptying

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Waste Collection Permit Number: NWCPO-13-11195-01

Septic Tanks

Grease Traps are devices used to intercept grease before it enters a wastewater treatment plant. Grease Traps are used in Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, etc. They need to be emptied on a regular basis in order for a grease trap to run smoothly. We empty grease traps and transport the grease to a treatment plant where the grease will be broken down further. We make sure that the grease is disposed of according to the EPA Guidelines and provide our client with a receipt along with our waste collection permit number. We can also provide a contract with our client to ensure the grease trap is maintained and the lines are cleaned regularly.

A septic tank is a small sewage treatment system used when a house or business is not connected to the main sewage pipes. We recommend regular emptying of a septic tank, so there will be no problems down the line.

Please contact us today if you would like a quotation on the emptying of a Grease Trap or Septic Tank.

PHONE ROBERT ON 0872130669

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